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Hello… I am Daniela Tripicchio, a very simple person who greatly enjoys painting, transferring to the canvases what my energy feels, sometimes analytical, others totally expressive… it is this conjunction that characterizes my work, a mix between the spontaneous and the reason.

Graphic designer by profession but always dedicated to the art of painting, trained in the workshops of Roxana Diaz Hamwee and Juan Manuel Diaz Puerta, managed to understand that the clearest way to express myself is with brushes, colors and a frame.

About these pictures:

Feelings are, I believe, the most precious skills that shape us as beings… and both humans and all the rest of life that makes up this world share them, we just have to stop and observe, pay attention and thus see that we are all part of the same and value it. We can identify with anguish, anger, curiosity, love and the yearning for freedom… hopefully in this way we can live together and respect each other, as we deserve.

Daniela's Virtual Exhibitions