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Romina Graziani specializes in drawing and acrylic painting. With those techniques, she developed several works related to abstraction that, in strokes, are reminiscent of naval scenes. She tries to work hand to hand with spontaneity in textures and gestures, but with a solid basal structure supporting a well-defined style.

“Painter with a temper, but emotional and sensitive, Romina proposes us a journey through her vast world of images, in which the freedom of texture and color are the undisputed main characters, tracing a path in her energetic personal cosmos”

The artist had her work shown in more than 20 galleries, such as Buenos Aires Gallery Nights (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015), “Exposición Arte y Materia” organized at Frick Pilar (2010), Bulary San Isidro (2012), “Recoleta Club del Bridge” (2013), “Exhibition at Dazzler Hotel” Bs.As Gallery Nights (2014), “Piegari” La Recova de Posadas” Bs.As. (2015), “Gratitude” by Juana de Arte (2015, 2016) and El Granero, Centro Cultural y Turístico Carlos Keen (2016). “Posdata al Arte” , La recova de Posadas (2018). Book Fair – Pilar (2018), “Abstracciones Marítimas” Centro Cultural Federal de Pilar”Bs. As. (2018)

Arte e Donna, Museo Diocesano e Capitolare di Terni, Italy (2021). “Spectrum Miami Art Fair” – USA (2022)

Romina's Virtual Exhibitions