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About Us

Helping artworks find their perfect match.

We are a group of artists with backgrounds in business and performance coaching who came together to build GraBatta Art Gallery. This project seeks to expand the reach of talented artists around the globe so their art can move a bigger portion of humanity and connect more people to their souls. As such, our model is not that of a vanity gallery, but rather one based on a connection with the artist so their work may thrive. Our goals and our artists’ goals are one and the same: to enable the distribution of art to enamour a broad spectrum of people and to allow the artist to make a living off doing the thing they love.

We specialize in curating high quality artworks we see real potential in and organizing them for a seamless viewing experience. We handle the entire process end-to-end: discovering artists and promoting their work, national and international shipping and delivery, exhibitions, marketing and ecommerce. This allows anyone from aficionados to collectors to focus on what truly matters.

We look forward to working together to expand the enriching world of art! If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, either as an artist or as an art lover, please contact us.