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Alvaro Vaquero

I was born on October 2nd, 1980. I’m from a numerous Catholic family, and have 9 siblings. All from the same mother and father.

I was raised in times where you played soccer in the street, you built your own ball bearing carts, you rode a bike and a skate. There was no internet or smartphones. The street was our adolescent freedom. I liked activities that required skill, such as playing guitar.

I was one of those people who hated school. I found it boring and didn’t study.

I liked painting and drawing since I was a mid. I remember waking up early and going to the bathroom so I could draw without waking up anyone.

I feel creative and a humanist, of ethical spirit and solid practical and theoretical knowledge. I am capable of utilizing an array of techniques from the visual arts to express ideas, concepts into pieces of communication and art objects.

I have skills for detail visualization and aesthetic sense. Appreciation for the plastic arts. Observer of the world around me. Capacity for analysis and synthesis.

I am critical and self-critical. Sometimes to my own detriment, since I end up underestimating my work, feeling bad about what I do, just like I used to get punished at school.

Continuous opening to learning, without letting my ego take a hold of me.

Palm Beach Art 2014. Miami International Fair (MIA) 2014. BADA Espacio Pilar, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Alvaro´s Virtual Exhibition