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Dario Fore is a musician, poet and sculptor.

His path in art began by accident, in the most literal sense possible. Although the artistic spark was always present in his spirit, it was not until after a great accident that would change his life that the artist would achieve his most important work. Although he started in a drastic way, Dario expresses that an artist is not made instantaneously, but at that moment the almost casual encounter with art helped him to heal.

The artist considers that the most attractive thing about creating is communicating, leaving something for posterity. He believes that there is always something to transmit and that if we don’t, we go through this life without any meaning. His modus operandi in creation consists of appealing to his simplest and deepest senses to transmit from there — from something he saw, a melody that inspired him or a simple smell of food that reminds him of childhood. Giving a place to his sensations and capturing a sensory-emotional moment is how he creates his work.

Some of his works are very literal, while others show a very intimate part of the artist. This is because he spares nothing when creating his work, and in this way he feels that the work is built by itself, gestating and self-drawing. It is not planned, it emerges, is born and flows, accompanying the sensations that its creator feels at that moment. In this creation process, Dario feels that this is his destiny and he is sure that it is the only thing that makes him feel complete and free.

Although his sculptures are not planned, the works are thought out and address diverse themes with a wide range of messages, leaving room for the viewer’s free interpretation. Dario does not usually explain his work, he is even attracted to seeing how many times people give more or different meanings to his work than he himself thought of, and that is the impact he wants to have. His work serves as a trigger to leave a message that crystallizes in a unique way in the viewer, helping him to think, to remember something or to generate some sensation just by appreciating it.

For Dario, art was a way to learn to channel his emotions and help him live more lightly. Today he understands that he was surely an artist all his life, although he feels the word ARTIST is too big for him. Art found him more than he found art, it was always on the side of the road until he used it as a tool to be on a better, healing path that today enriches him.

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