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I was born in Córdoba, Argentina. I graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, but since I was little I was passionate about drawing and it was after living a few years in Europe when I decided, due to an emotional crisis, to start using art as therapy. Such was the beginning of this outwards journey, and it is to this day that my art has become my way of life. My works have been exhibited in my hometown, highlighting at the Enrique Monaco Foundation (2011).

I have also participated in Art Basel Cities as in 2018 among others. In Europe, I made several exhibitions, the most outstanding ones being are Arteando Irun in the Basque Country and Crisol Art Galleries Barcelona. In Mexico, at Gaston Charo Art Gallery I have learned from several artists from the local Argentine scene, inspiring me in the playful, resorting to dream resources and having a look from the child that leads me to meet my inner child.

My technique is acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas or paper. My palette is high, bright, pure colors, but I also work a lot in black and white, alternating between the figurative and the abstract

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