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In addition to an extensive career as an actress, host and businesswoman, Ginette is considered a great plastic artist.

For her, art is a game, it is the continuity of being her child. It is where she inhabits her imagination and lives out her fantasy. It is what transports her to a different level, her “stairway to heaven”, where she reaches more subtle worlds.

It all started with a box of colored pencils that her father gave her when she was 6 years old, opening up a magical world for her: queens, princesses and dresses. From that moment on, she always looked at the world through that “lens”. At that young age he discovered what art was for her, perceiving her colors, lights, and movement in a different way. All this gives you peace, tranquility and permanence.

Fundamentally for Ginette, art is a form of communication where everything is possible.

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