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Luz Pinedo

I have been studying visual arts at the National University of Arts in Argentina since 2017.
The university has a very open art perspective, therefore, I tried many different disciplines
such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, scenery, stop motion animation, 3d modeling
and so many more. It is great to have the opportunity to try so many different things but it
also has the side effect that it doesn’t give us the possibility to keep improving in the ones
you like best. I have always been more interested in painting than in anything else (although
nowadays I really enjoy sculpture, woodcuts and animation). 

But ever since I started
university and years before, what I wanted to do was to paint. I wanted to learn technique, I
wanted to paint human bodies as real as I could. I wanted to paint flesh, to explore human´s
fragilities and strengths. I went to different workshops to start exploring with painting such as
Lupe Barcelo´s, my main teacher was Fernando O’ Connor where I learnt technique and,
more than anything, what painting was like for me. These days my interest in human bodies
is still here and I don´t know if it will ever go away but I am also expanding to sculpture and
3d modeling to see where this will take me

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