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Born: June 28th, 1984. Las Perdices, Argentina.

Occupation: Architect – Painter.

Movement: Abstract Art

Martín was born in a countryside and he is the first of seven siblings. He grew up in relation with nature, surrounded by plants, animals, huge skies, infinite skylines, the wind, the earth, the sun, the moon, fire and water. Develops in this environment, like a game, a wish to discover the creative possibilities of matter.

Moved by his desire of knowing different places and cultures, he studied tourism. After that, he found in architecture the nexus between drawing, art, landscaping and design.

Art is presented in all this way. It started while young as a game, then grew up with the technique learned in art classes, but his way of creating has been always by self-experimentation.

At the age of eighteen he sold his first paintings. 

Currently, his work is focused on fabric treatment, most of the times oversize natural cotton, that will be the canvas. The process begins with dyeing fabric with natural components as coal, herbs, coffee and flower petals.  Then, water soluble acrylics are applied to generate focused points. 

Several tools are used; from traditional ones as brushes, spatulas and sprayers, to experimental others, self-designed with horse sow, straw or fabric, shaped as brooms or mopes. The resulting strokes and textures have a unique personality. 

Once painted, they could be exhibited or framed.

The colour range comes from natural pigments; such as, black, grey, ivory, brown, ochre and green shades.

In line with the contemporary feeling, his art is crossed by sustainability. From the selection of natural cotton fabrics, water soluble acrylics and natural pigments, to the use of unfinished wood in frames. Therefore, each artwork is a living object that will show the time flowing through it. 

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