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Plastic artist


Graduated from the School of Fine Arts ¨Prilidiano Pueyrredón¨, 1995.

She participated in several Workshops.

She is currently a teacher of Fine Arts at a college.

Her work is made of wood, a material that constantly connects her with nature. They are generally found, fallen trunks to which life is restored in their lines and shapes, highlighting their purity. Occasionally we find resin integrated into the wood or some other embedded material. In most of her works the figure of the woman appears expressing her strength and sensitivity. In her journey, she goes from figuration to abstraction, synthesizing more and more forms while standing out in each plane, also seeking to enjoy the different woods that she uses.

Latest Activities

BADA, Artist Direct Art Boutique, 2018. In La Rural

GRAPA at Luxury Point, Palermo, April 2018.

GRAPA at the Cyan Hotel, 2017.

BADA, Artist Direct Art Boutique, 2017. In La Rural

BADA, Artist Direct Art Boutique, 2016. In La Rural

Pillar Space 2016

Anniversary Exhibition of the Hippodrome of Palermo. 2016

BADA, Artist Direct Art Boutique, 2015, at Espacio Pilar. (also in 2014 and 2013).

Art Work at the Hilton Hotel, 2015

Pura Vida Project for Life Pallets.

ARDI, Art and Design Fair at the Hippodrome of Palermo, 2014 and 2015.

Lamroth Art, Solidarity Art Fair. 2015 and 2016

Mary's Virtual Exhibitions