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Giving rise to emotion when words are not enough, when we need to say it in another way, art (in this case painting) can facilitate that path.

Raquel Finkelstein did her training at the Santa Ana School of Fine Arts; She went through numerous workshops of Argentine teachers where she carried out her research in the different cubist, expressionist and surrealist schools in search of the construction of her own image.

She participated in workshops on plastic language research at the Circulo de Arte Audiovisual; she was guest of honor at the Museum of Fine Arts in La Plata; she was also selected by the Secretary of Culture of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exhibit at the Casa Argentina in Rome (special mention of the Jury); She made numerous individual and collective exhibitions in South America.

She teaches workshops on transformation and connecting with creative power using her professional training in psychology and humanistic counseling.

Raquel's Virtual Exhibitions