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National Professor of Fine Arts received at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts (1989).

During her formative stage, she carried out, parallel to her formal study, Mise-en-Scène at the Rojas Cultural Center; Video Art; She recorded with different artists and attended the painting workshops of Masters Juan Campodónico, Dolly Caballero and Ricardo Roux, among others.

She was a student of Masters Ary Brizzi and Miguel Ángel Vidal at the National School.

In the professional artistic aspect, he was an Artist of the Artetempo Gallery, exhibiting both in galleries in the Capital and in the Interior of the country, she carried out performance shows at the San Martín Theater (CABA), she presented her work and that of her students in the Recova (CABA ),among other.

She is a curator of exhibitions and Director of scenography in various institutions in which she was awarded on different occasions with the awards for Recognition, Excellence and Innovative Project.

Regarding his teaching activity, she has been working with adolescents and adults for more than 30 years, both in his Arteando workshop and in schools. She has carried out image theater, performances and samples of different manifestations of Visual Arts with her students. Contemporary. She prepares international exams of Art and Design as well as for the Chairs of Drawing and Design of the Architecture and Design careers of the UBA or other Universities.

She carried out teaching research related to Creativity, the Creative Process and the Generation of Ideas based on Neuroscience, presenting her projects at the University of Palermo and the University of Belgrano, where she completed the Diploma in Neurolearning (2016).

Currently she is in charge of the Art Coordination of an educational institution in Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires.

Both her professional artistic activity and her teaching are oriented to various forms of representation of Contemporary Visual Arts.

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