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Focused on the human figure, she transcends her corporeality, obsessed with capturing her sensitive world. She paints with ease, intuition and deep emotionality, focusing on color and its infinite combinations. Her work invites you to feel, to connect with free brushstrokes and intuitive lines. The figures of her / women that she paints are self-referential: “The women I paint are the expression of my own concerns as a woman. With painting, I go through the different stages of my life, adolescence, motherhood, uprooting.”

Her work permanently pursues the balance between figuration and abstraction, between the empty and the full, between the explicit and the intangible.

The artist combines mixed media fluidly.

Some of her series combine elements of the natural world: roots, leaves, seeds, insects, birds, fish… All the elements are embraced with an intuitive coherence and are an expression of her concern for nature and the permanent search for belonging to her.

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